Price Range: from 0 € to 1.500.000 €
Size Range: from 10 m2 to 1.000 m2
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RMS is the leading real estate agency in Roquetas de Mar

With over 35 years of experience we pride ourselves on offering our clients and partners a quality service with a personal touch. Our knowledge of Roquetas de Mar and the Almeria area and its 365 days of sunshine allows you to enjoy this beautiful place.

Choose from our wide range of properties, from beachside flats to villas with private pools. Our multilingual team are waiting to make your stay a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Owner services

RMS offers a complete property management package, which includes renting out your property for those who would like to generate additional income. We also offer a unique service for owners who do not wish to rent out their property, but would like the peace of mind of knowing that their property is secure and can be prepared for the stay of friends and family.

As a property owner, it is in your best interest to have a “one stop shop” contact in Spain for all your property needs, covering general maintenance and rental of the property. Do you need someone you can trust and be sure that your wishes are fulfilled? RMS is your best choice!

Property management

What buyers often do after purchasing their dream home in Spain is to leave it unattended and return to their busy lives at home. From our own personal experience, we know that once you return home you will be asking yourself the following questions:

  • Who can I trust to oversee the property in my absence?
  • Who can provide an honest and reliable rental service?
  • Who will clean the property after each let?
  • What about the laundry that will need to be changed?
  • What happens if a pipe bursts?
  • How do I know if someone is breaking into my house?
  • Who should I leave my keys with?
  • What happens if the home has been occupied because it has been left unattended?
  • How do I claim on my insurance policy, as it does not cover my property if I leave it unattended for more than 30 days?
  • What happens if the water or electricity is disconnected?
  • Who will inform me of any maintenance problems?
  • Who will inform me if any action needs to be taken?

For those owners we offer a complete package that specialises in the maintenance of the holiday home, covering services such as:


After an initial cleaning, a fixed charge will be calculated.


Pricing according to bed type, avoiding inflated laundry bills.


Charge by the hour. You only pay for the work done.


It is carried out after each stay, at the time of cleaning.

Pool maintenance

We work at very competitive prices.

Recogida en Aeropuerto

Can be arranged for Almería, Granada & Malaga airports at very competitive rates.

Post forwarding

Weekly mail check and forwarding to an address provided by you.

Key safekeeping

The keys are colour-coded and stored in a safe.


The replacement is free of charge. You only pay the actual cost of the replacement.

Energy certificate

We carry out all the necessary procedures to obtain certificates.


We take care of managing any refurbishment that your home needs.

A special touch

We will provide you with everything you need. We do the work while you relax!

Sometimes major maintenance issues arise, such as floor tiling, window replacements or burst pipes. As with all the services we offer, we will give you a direct price for each job.

All our work is carried out by fully insured and qualified experts. Prior to any work, an estimate of cost will always be sent to the customer. We also provide digital photographic evidence of any major problems, along with a detailed quotation, which can be emailed to you so that you can make your own assessment.

Inspection Visits

RMS also offers a weekly maintenance and security check. We will visit the property every week and make sure that everything is in order. This could be in a period between lettings or during a winter shut down. The inspection visit will include:

  • Availability of electricity, water, gas and check for leaks
  • Evidence of any water leaks or water entering from neighbouring properties
  • Evidence of internal dampness and moulds
  • Toilets are flushed and water is run in sinks, baths etc., to avoid smells and prevent the ball valves sticking
  • All exterior doors and windows are inspected for signs of attempted entry
  • The operating status of the alarm systems is checked and adjusted
  • The mail is collected and forwarded or stored
  • Drains are inspected for any possible blockages
  • Check for any infestation both indoors and outdoors
  • Allow good ventilation of the dwelling
  • Regular control of the operation of all electrical appliances, air conditioning/heating and lighting

An inspection report will be emailed to the owner after each visit. Again, this gives you total peace of mind.

If you would like more information, or would like to discuss any of our services in more detail, please contact us.


Owning a home in Spain can provide a second income from holiday rentals, while also growing as an investment for the future. More and more European buyers are investing in this area of Spain, and the rental market is now very competitive, making it more difficult to secure additional income. Through our dedication and heavy investment in marketing in Spain, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, RMS is in a prime position to maximise the rental potential of your property.

A member of the RMS team will always be on hand to ensure tenants have a memorable and stress-free holiday.

For our service we only charge a small commission on the rentals we accommodate at your property. It is our intention to ensure that each booking goes as smoothly as possible, resulting in clients wishing to rebook for the following year and recommending your property and our services to others.

Our policy is to maintain regular contact with owners, keeping them informed of any potential problems and customer feedback. We attach great importance to personal contact in order to offer individual services.

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